• Shopping locally is now more crucial than ever

    Individuals looking for everything from clothing to home improvement services to office supplies can look to small businesses to fill those needs.
  • Unique ways to support small businesses during the pandemic

    As consumers loosen their purse strings and begin spending more, they can embrace some unique ways to help small businesses in their community.

  • Simple ways to give back every day

    The following are some simple ways to give back every day.
  • The environmental impact of shopping local

    Consumers who choose to use their purchasing power to support local businesses may not realize just how much they’re helping the planet in so doing.
  • Different ways children can give back

    The following are some ways kids can get involved in giving back...
  • How local businesses can boost their online presence

    An employee dedicated to maintaining a positive online presence can be an asset to small businesses.
  • Support a small business through volunteerism

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  • 5 ways to make gift cards more personal

    Gift givers can explore these ways to add a personal touch to the gift card.
  • How small businesses can support and help each other grow

    There is much the public can do to help small businesses be successful, but there also are steps small business owners can take to assist one another.
  • Give back while shopping

    Here are some examples of giving tied to retail.
  • The various advantages to shopping locally

    The following are some key reasons why shopping locally not only benefits small business owners, but also the communities they call home and the customers they serve.